Our guildline

The identity of what we do Our company culture is characterized by diversity,
tolerance, fat hierarchies and substainable decisions.

Strong together: Our guideline

Our actions are guided by a clear guiding principle. Our top priority is to ensure that our entire team identifies one hundred percent with the facets of our guiding principle. And this is how our guiding principle was created: It was not pushed into the company from top to bottom. In a strategy workshop lasting several days, the entire team conceived the guiding principle. Our guiding principle consists of various elements:

Highest quality standards

• Product quality
• Process quality
• Delivery quality
• GMP & GDP standards

Highest quality standards

Quality is our trademark – and that is across all decisions and sectors. Our demand on our daily actions is to ensure a unique quality for our customers. To this end, every single member of our team delivers top performance every day in order to ensure the best possible quality standards for our products and processes. Our products originate exclusively from GMP-certified manufacturers who meet the world’s highest pharmaceutical quality requirements. We ensure these quality standards for the entire supply chain, as all our processes are carried out strictly in accordance with GDP guidelines and thus meet the highest global requirements for the distribution of pharmaceuticals.

Customer orientation & Service

Our customers are the core of our work. Every day our team approaches its tasks with passion and joy. This is the only way we can get to know our customers and react to their individual needs. Personal advice and direct, close contact with our customers are extremely important to us. Thus, we are always the reliable contact for our customers and pass on our know-how to our customers. No wish is too high: we always try to provide tailor-made solutions for our customers. We are proactive and plan appropriately. We are only satisfied when our customers are one hundred percent satisfied. To achieve this, our team gives its all every day.

Employee satisfaction & appreciation

Values such as team spirit, passion and joy are not simply a coincidence. Our innovative management team embodies all these values so that we can always act together in a motivated manner. We actively follow a flat hierarchical structure and always work closely at equal footing. We embody diversity and equal opportunities, because this is the only way we can remain innovative and flexible. With these lived values, we promote the unfolding of creativity and provide scope for our employees to identify with their tasks and our philosophy. It is a particular concern of ours to actively support the compatibility of career and family.

Responsibility & sustainability

We at Medical CNBS are always aware of our responsibility. We therefore attach great importance to maintaining a trustful relationship with our employees, customers and business partners. Our customers define the standard because they are in direct contact with the patients concerned and are in the best position to judge how processes need to be designed and optimized. We always have an open mind for these continuous ideas of improvement. Of course, we are also aware of our social responsibility. That is why it is particularly important to us to give something back to our local region. We do this by implementing various projects, such as promoting youth sports in Cologne.

Research & Development

Our team is interdisciplinary. Therefore, we have specialists for the most diverse areas of competence. We consciously combine competences in different areas of our business activities in order to be able to react quickly to current research results and developments. It is our particular intention to support scientific research in the field of medical cannabis and to incorporate the knowledge gained into our processes. In this way, we remain up-to-date and are always in a position to illustrate the latest developments from different perspectives.

International orientation

The pharmaceutical cannabis market is characterised by internationality. Therefore, we are committed to extensive cooperations with international partners. Since we ourselves are very diverse, an open approach to intercultural sensitivity is very important to us. The diversity of our company enriches us every day and leads to controversial, productive discussions. Accordingly, we reflect on issues and critically assess results. This is particularly important in order to allow also unconventional ways of thinking and methods, so that we can always work out the optimal approaches for solving various problems.

Our identity & values

The Medical CNBS is extremely aware of its values. We work transparently, responsibly and in accordance with a reflecting and controversial working philosophy. It is always particularly important to us that our employees identify fully with our values. To achieve this, it is essential to work together sincerely. We also like to engage in controversial discussions – this creates room for new visions and strategies. Values such as trust, sincerity, straightforwardness, reliability and sustainability are firmly anchored in our DNA.

As they are written here on the website, as empty words for themselves, all these values give little meaning to the culture we live every day. Who could better describe with their own words, their own prioritization and perception what it feels like to be part of the Medical CNBS than our employees? We interviewed them. Uncensored, honest and straightforward.
„We experience a startup atmosphere here, marked by excitement and every day with many new impressions. There is always plenty of fun, too. I feel I can speak freely and honestly without overthinking, although we discuss controversially afterwards. It helps us move forward and I can gain a lot for myself, too.“

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